domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2015

Climb to Garmo Negro, North Algas and Argualas

First of all so sorry for my English I'm learning and using this post for writing practice.

As each Sant Esteve day we go to climb a mountain this year we plan to climb three 3.000m peaks Garmo Negro 3.066 meters, Algas 3.024 and Argualas Peak 3.046 meters.

 At 6pm we left our kids in my parents' house and we drove the van to Panticosa a Pyrenean town in the Tena Valley. After just three and a half hours we reached the  Balneario of Panticosa and parked the van near the Casa de Piedra shelter.

During the night the temperature didn't go below two degrees it's strange in this season of the year but this year the winter is warm and there isn't much snow in the mountains. In fact, we didn't see any snow until two thousand meters.

There were many people dining in the shelter and they probably would try to climb the Infernos peaks the next day or they take our route to the Garmo Negro. These are the two main routes from this point, there are also three more vans parked near us.

We started our journey at 7:30 on a dark and cold morning, it wasn't easy to find the correct route because it was dark. Finally at three hundred metres from the car park, we found a path thanks to the mobile GPS (we use Oruxmaps a very useful App). The path gained altitude quickly and we started to need less clothes. The day was clear and we turn off the lamps.

On our way up we met two mountainers that told us they wanted to climb the Infiernos across the Pondiellos Pass. I thought it was a long trip. At a quarter past nine we reached the 'Malla Alta de las Argualas' and we could see the Argualas pass in the distance.

At this point we decided to try the more direct route acroos to climb the 'Barranco de las Argualas' corredor. It's an easy corredor that with the little snowfall this winter it's a mix of rock and snow climbing.

After three and a half hours we reached the Argualas pass from where we have on our left the Argualas peak in front of us the Algas peaks and join our right the Garmo Negro. We were just over something more two hundred metres to the top of Garmo. We had a some food and water to recover energy for the final ascent. It was very windy and we didn't feel like staying here much more time. 

   At the top of the Garmo Negro the views are amaizing and we could see the Balneario of Panticosa at the bottom.

We took a lot of photos because of the views, the cloudless and bright that we had the good luck of finding.

It's was very windy at the top of Garmo Negro and we decided to continue to the next peak the Algas North. We descend one hundred and fifty meters by the right trail over rocky ground and later we ascended one hundred thirty meters to arrive at the top of Algas North. It took not much more than thirty minutes.

And at our final peak the Argualas with 3.046 meters, we had luck that the day was very clear and we could enjoy the views of the Pyrenees.
We ate some sandwiches and fruit and we started the descent to Panticosa that it took a bit more than three hours.  In total the trekk was almost nine hours.

We complement this post with the alpina map of the our route.

And finally three videos, one of each summit.

Video from the summit of Garmo Negro.

Video from the summit of Algas Norte and the views of the last Argualas peak.

And finally, from the Argualas summit the 360º views.

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